Die Stiftung mana in mana hat in den letzten fünf Jahren ihre Ziele zum grossen Teil erreichen können. Aus diesem Grund wird sie sich per Ende 2019 aus ihrem Engagement in Corbasca zurückziehen.
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About us

The foundation mana in mana is a welfare aid organization in favour of people in distress and need. 

It was constituted in 2014 by Gabriela and Ronnie Bühr in accordance to Swiss laws and regulations. Its domicile is in the Swiss community of Wollerau and its initial social capital amounts up to Swiss Francs 100’000.--. The foundation stands under the presidency of Ronnie Bühr, resident in CH-8832 Wollerau. 

The foundation mana in mana has its accounts checked by the auditing company Compaudit AG in Zug and underlies the governmental supervision of the Swiss Federal Authorities. The foundation is tax exempt. Donations can be deducted from income taxes. 

Under the guidance of Ronnie Bühr and together with many supporters, the people in need living in the Romanian county of Bacau are being assisted with humanitarian help. 

The foundation mana in mana aims to extend help to those who are in need, mainly by fighting against poverty and distress through the introduction of institutionalized activities in the sectors health and personal care, education, job securement and promotion of worthwhile living conditions.

The foundation mana in mana offers following services to its beneficiaries:
  • Collection and distribution of donated goods for the daily use
  • Personal and financial help towards individuals and families
  • Co-financing of local projects to build up or to improve infrastructures in favour of the communities
  • Support giving to private and state run entities which have similar targets to those of the foundation mana in mana
  • Building up of a para-medical and basic home care system with affiliated social services
  • Promotion of basic and vocational education and training
  • Creation of local jobs
  • Humanitarian help under any title in order to promote worthy living conditions. 

Priorities lie in supporting activities within the county of Bacau in the Northeast of Romania, initially in the comuna of Corbasca, which compromises 7 villages. 

Within the community of Corbasca the setting-up of para-medical assistance and home care is being given highest priority, together with the task of promoting basic and vocational education.  

In addition the foundation mana in mana supports the local authorities to bring their structures and procedures up to contemporary standards. 

The Psychiatric Hospital of Gasteni in the community of Racaciuni, with its 250 patients, shall also receive the support of the foundation. 

It is the highest target of the foundation mana in mana that all donations are allocated to the full benefit of those people who are suffering poverty and are in need of a helping hand. 

The trustees as well as the board of experts offer their work to the foundation on an unsalaried basis.   
Organization and Management

The foundation has the exclusive aim of a non-profit humanitarian welfare organization (ngo).

The foundation mana in mana can count on specialized knowledge and know-how of a board of experts and many volunteers.

Following persons are members of the board of trustees of the foundation mana in mana and they all work for the organization on a honorary basis:
Ronnie Bühr, business economist, lic.oec. 
President of the board,
as a foreign born citizen of Switzerland and as an internationally active entrepreneur I know out of own experience, that the business communities as well as each of us have to fulfil their social responsibilities in favour of the society and  personally engage themselves for that purpose.
Tel: Home: 044 784 77 02, Office: 041 760 23 32  Mobile: 079 544 59 58
Gabriela Bühr, entrepreneur. 
Member of the board,
together with my family I fully support the ideals of the foundation to help people in need and distress.

Tel: Home: 044 784 77 02, Office: 041 760 23 32, Mobile: 079 236 90 50
Markus Bühr, lic. phil. I
Member of the board, responsible for communication,
the dignity of a human being is very important for me. I therefore would like to help all those, which, without their own fault have to live in extreme poverty, to be able to reach better living conditions for themselves and their families.  
Tel: 079 506 55 05
Andreas Bühr,  lic.iur. 
Member of the board, responsible for finances,
it is important for me, that everybody  - young or old - may live under worthy conditions and that I can guarantee that all donations reach the beneficiaries of "mana in mana" directly and in full amount.

Tel: 079  396 84 17
In Romania the foundation can count upon the support given by
Gabriela Achihai dipl. Eng. 
President of FSC -Fundatia de sprijin comunitar
we want to live in a country where human rights are respected and the citizens have equal and non-discriminatory acces to adequate services, provided by professionals in their own community.
Tel:(004) 0234585658

To grant the achievement of the before mentioned targets, a daughter foundation was constituted under the name of Fundatia mana @ mana with domicile in the county’s capital Bacau. 

All projects are carried out in-house under the supervision of the foundation mana in mana and the operational management of the Fundatia mana @ mana, in colaboration with the local Foundation FSC - Fundatria de sprijin comunitar. This at least until the projects become financially, organizationally and personally self- sufficient, granting therewith their independent survival on a long term basis. 

To secure a self-controllable realisation of the projects in course, the foundation masna in mana delegates all operational tasks to its daughter organization Fundatia mana @ mana, which on its behalf may benefit from the local know-how of its liaison partner FSC - Fundatia de sprijin comunitar.
Logo FSC
FSC- Fundatia de Sprijin Comunitar
Our liaison partner in Bacau, Rumänien
More about this renowned foundation to be found under the link