Die Stiftung mana in mana hat in den letzten fünf Jahren ihre Ziele zum grossen Teil erreichen können. Aus diesem Grund wird sie sich per Ende 2019 aus ihrem Engagement in Corbasca zurückziehen.
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Spielgruppe Kinderhort Corbasca
Spielgruppe Kinderhort Corbasca
Ausbildung "Spitex"
Eine Rumänische Schulklasse
Eine Rumänische Schulklasse
Dorfbewohnerinnen in Corbasca
Dorfbewohnerinnen in Corbasca
Typische Wohnverhältnisse
Typische Wohnverhältnisse
Foundation mana in mana

Dear friends of the foundation mana in mana

Romania is one of the poorest countries in Europe and the rural area around Bacau in the Northeast of the country is one of the neediest regions in that country. On the other side Switzerland belongs to the richest countries in the world. 

This leads us from the foundation mana in mana to show solidarity with the poorest of the poor people living there. They are in full need of effective medical support and home care, a good basic and vocational education, secured jobs as well as a personalized social assistance in order to enable them to live their lives in dignity. 

Let us be grateful for our wellbeing and let us at the same time also be in thoughts with those, who are less privileged than we are. Let us share our solidarity with them. 

Our humanitarian sense of responsibility was the reason for us to set-up the privately and on an honorary basis operated foundation mana in mana. We invite you to help us to enable those who are in need to get out of their poverty and to help them to build up decent living conditions for themselves and their families. 

I hope to be able to count on your support and remain with my heartiest greetings. 

Ronnie Bühr
President of the board of trustees

Latest news: 

Gabriela and Ronnie Bühr, both members of the board of trustees, travelled to Romania on July 10 2014, together with Mrs. Dr. med. dent. Gisela Stutz. They evaluated on the spot the possibilities to set-up a centre to treat patients suffering from Autism.

Furthermore they initiated para-medical and home care facilities in the community of Corbasca by hiring a nurse, three home carers and a social worker. 

Based upon the professional know-how of Dr. Stutz the possibilities in introducing dental hygienic care services in the region of Bacau where also evaluated.